Our Approach

Great technology doesn’t equate to a great technology company. The successful ones also have well-crafted plans and the right team in place to make it happen. Over three decades we've helped more than two dozen companies take promising technology and assemble the pieces needed to create a successful technology company. From business planning and go-to-market, to raising investment capital and exit planning, Trestles Group's experienced team has the experience and insight that helps young companies achieve long-term success.

Early Stage Acceleration

Getting those initial sales in the door is one of the biggest hurdles a young company has to overcome. Marketing positions and sales pitches that seemed well-thought out fall flat or miss their mark. Customers are often leery of new technology and don’t like to take risks with a company that isn’t well established. Sales cycles stretch on too long or never seem to close. We can help. We will analyze your sales and marketing messages to make sure they’re properly calibrated for the right markets and the right decision makers within those markets. We help open the doors of the people who need your solutions, and we show you how to quickly close the gap between first contact and final sale.

Business Growth

Early stage technology firms are intellectual and capital-intensive businesses, and if you're working in a high growth sector like AI, clean energy and high tech device manufacturing, access to and support from investment partners is critical. Trestles Group provides expertise and insight to work with financing partners, from angels and venture capital to private equity and corporate investment vehicles, to help ensure that capital is properly leveraged to achieve business growth and meet your goals.

Market Leadership

There’s a difference between an organization that merely calls itself a leader and one that really is. Real leaders are easy to spot. They dominate their territory. They show foresight in decisions and demonstrate business agility where others stumble. In short, real leaders lead. Everyone else follows. With more than half a century combined experience in technology startups, Trestles Group shows early stage companies how to successfully claim market territory and setup a growth plan that will move it to the front of the pack. From early services such as market and trend analysis, go-to-market strategy, and sales execution, to later-stage programs like market focus shifts and company/product re-brands, Trestles Group helps its clients become real market leaders.

Consulting Services


  • Product rationalization
  • Routes to market
  • Corporate ID and branding
  • Business Planning


  • Corporate structure
  • Executive recruiting
  • Product go-to-market
  • Sales Planning

Growth & Acceleration

  • Channel Strategy
  • International expansion
  • Strategic alliances


  • Investment Raises
  • Merger / Acquisition
  • Public Offerings
  • Successful exit strategies

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